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Just join with $12 to make $10,761,690.00 just by refering 3 people!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com?
REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com is a well designed and automated system that guarantees steady income without you leaving your present job or academics. This program offers an opportunity that no companies can match.We will help you to reach your goals of financial freedom and success, a dream income that will become reality, with flexible work hour and more quality time to your family, you and your family will achieve a better life and we guarantee the stability of this program that will be here for a lifetime, so your success will be passed on to your next generation.

How do I make money with REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com?
Once you join REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com, you will be given a link refer other people to REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com. You can make $645,706.26 just by refering 3 peoples via shrisaimail

How much does it cost to join REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com?
The cost for UPGRADED e-MAIL serices at REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com is $15. Upgraded members only eligible to enter to our referral program

(Above fees charged only when you going to UPGRADE our e-mail services.But our referral program is completely FREE & $15 includes Your own email id or UPGRADE{example - YOURNAME@YOURNAME.IN} fees),You can also use our email services completely FREE.for help contact -

I Get My Money Back?
100% Yes,if you are ready to refer/promote atleast 3 peoples for upgrade service only you can get back.for that $15 we also provide own e-MAIL for you on your name with the extension of .IN or .BIZ Any program that provides a product of any kind is legal.

I don't have a gopayway account, can I still join REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com?
YES. You can pay via paypal/payza/Gopayway/visa/master card.

When do I have to pay the fee?
Your one-time or life-time UPGRADE fee is to be paid immediately after your registration.

Are there any monthly or other fees?
No, there are no other fees.

How much will I be paid for every person I refer?
You will receive $1 for every direct and $0.20 for every indirect referral.for more details click on "how it works" menu

How does payment for referrals work?
You receive referral commissions 15 levels deep, which means that by referring only a few people and then through your direct and indirect referrals again acquiring referrals, you can end up with a thousand or more in your downline.

How soon after my referral joins will I receive the commission?
No Waiting - Instant Deposited in your site account.

How do I get paid?
You can request payment into your verified account,paypal/

When do I get paid?
You may request payment as soon as your account balance is at least $25.

Do I have to wait a long time for my payment?
No, your payment will be in your paypal/payza/ account within the maximum time of 48 hours after you requested it.

How can I earn so much when there is only such a low life-time membership fee?
Your payment of $15 gets split between members of your up line, who benefit from you as their referral and you benefit from your referrals in the same way. This works by people referring other people and as the UPGRADE is one-time only and because it is only $15, acquiring referrals is very easy.

I want to join this program, but I don't know how to promote this site?
There are an unlimited number of ways you can advertise your referral URL. There are Free and Paid autosurf programs that will allow you to effectively advertise the program with your referral URL. Additionally, you could submit the link into the various search engines available, post in a variety of forums, purchase ad space, and even post your referral URL in the signature of every email or post you make.

Will I lose money in this program?
Nothing is perfect, however if in the event of a massive internet crash, you'll only lose $15 max as investment for a one-time UPGRADE fee. That's all.for that we also provide own e-MAIL for you on your name with the extension of .IN or .BIZ

Is this legal?
Yes, REFERRAL PROGRAM - ShriSaiMail.Com is 100% legal. In return for your investment. Any program that provides a product/good web services of any kind is legal.

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